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Black Sheep Composite Squadron


Mesquite, Texas

Semper Vultus

Powered Parachute Down

(Fictional information for training only)

The Rains County Sheriff's Department has recieved three 9-1-1 calls about an apparent Powered Parachute that may have gone into the trees near the town of East Tawakani, Texas.

They are exercising an MOU that is in place between the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and requesting CAP to search the vicinity for this apparent powered parachute.

Other details per the Sheriff:

Three witnesses called in. One had been on a boat, one was as much as two miles away from where they thought the parachute may have gone down, and one witness said it flew right over them, just above tree level.

The witness in the boat said they thought the parachute was red or white. The furthest witness could not tell what color the parachute was, but it looked cool. The witness that had the craft fly right over them, said the parachute looked like the Texas Flag.

The Sheriff is aware of no local person owning a powered parachute.

The grid to search is 3295AAA and 3295AAC.


36C, 30.12, 30SCT, 45BKN, 80OVC, 200-13G21 for next hour and a half. Then, expect it to be clear, with winds at 350-04, 30C.

The Form 104, Mission Briefing form, has been filled out, and it's just about time to launch the Ground Team to give them a head start.

Marshalling point will be the Wills Point Airport.

If commo is lost, the Air Crew will land at Wills Point and coordinate the next move face to face with the Ground Team.

The Sheriff now has an idea of who the pilot may be.

Friends say he always flies with a Camel back water pack, a boot knife, and a mirror...


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